Custom theme

To customize the look of the booking widget, jQuery Mobile themes can be used.
Create your own with ThemeRoller (
Send your custom theme to the support to enable it (it's important to use version 1.3.x of themeroller. The swatch used is "C")

Url parameters

campaign text Force campaign code
comments text Force external comments on form
forcefullwidth 1 or 0, default 0 Disable widget popup for small resolutions
forcetype id Only show type
selectappearance appearancenames separated by comma Show select appearance screen
selecttype number Autoselect TypeId
selectpeople number Autoselect persons
selectdate date YYYY-MM-DD Autoselect date
timefrom time HH:MM Only show slots from
locale E.g en-US Force language

Url parameters for

customerId id
bookingNr id
editable 1 or 0, default 0 Possibility to edit menu
cancelable 1 or 0, default 1 Possibility to cancel booking

How to implement the booking module on your website:

Iframe Demo
i Html code

Read about customizing iframes on

Fancybox Demo
i Html code

Read about customizing Fancybox on